4 Tips to Buying Diamonds Safely

Ok, let’s cut the chase and start you off with some engagement ring tips to help you out.

Not all diamonds with the highest grades and sizes over several carats can be considered good. Actually, a clarity grade of “VS2” still represents a stellar diamond, and so does a color grade of “G”. Even though you might feel like you are buying something that is “third tier” because of the way the grading system is set up, you have to realize that these systems are quite peculiar and the differences between two levels are more than subtle.

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Buy Diamonds With Reliable Grading Reports

Generally, diamond reports give away a lot of details regarding the material properties of the stone and the history of the stone that probably cannot be replaced by any other tool.

These properties of the diamonds are lasting ones and as such, obtaining a certificate is also a one-off acquisition. However, the truth is that you generally cannot decide the fate of your diamond when it comes to certification.

Instead, you should simply consider those that are already certified. This is because certifying a diamond by yourself subsequently is not only going to be costly but also inconvenient. You will soon see why.

Grading Labs Matter

Each one of the four labs has its own unique grading system, and that is what mainly differentiates them. Due to variations in scale, the grading systems are hard to compare.

However, some institutes have tried to standardize their grading systems with that of the GIA lab over the years. So this calls for caution when dealing with certificates that are older because grades may not correspond with the current ones.

Also, some labs are very strict while others are not that strict with their grading criteria, which may cause a difference in price of the same stone graded by different labs. The point is to ensure you’re paying the right price for the stone you’re buying.

Different Shapes Requires Different Considerations

If you intend to get a heart shaped engagement ring, be sure to check with the store on how the center stone is going to be set on the ring. It is advisable to get at least a 5 prongs setting for heart cut diamonds.

When selecting ovals, a dark bowtie is an undesirable feature that you need to take note of. While this is an intrinsic property (well-cut ovals with completely NO bow-ties do not exist), you should purchase one that has a less obvious bow-tie effect.

Verify the Company And the Diamond You Intend to Buy

Even though we can generally assume that the company you are about to trade with is trustworthy, there are a few precautionary measures you have to take in order to assure a smooth deal.

If their service would not have met the needs of their customers, they would have probably gone bankrupt by now. Check online for reviews and experiences of past customers. If there are complaints, find out why and what the company did to address the issues.

Currently, some of the most popular shapes that women love are the round, princess and cushion cuts. For a detailed look at choosing fancy shapes like cushions, you should take a look at this website for cushion cut diamond tips prior to doing your diamond shopping.