Eco-Friendly Jewelry And Blood Diamonds

By requesting the KPC from suppliers, the industry can make a stand against global terrorism, slavery and rebellions which cause strife and harm across the world.

As diamonds are relatively easy to sell and smuggle, the market of blood diamonds has reached a worrisome level of activity by the end of the twentieth century. As these conflict gemstones invaded the markets and a lot of people started buying them, the entire market was thrown off-balanced.

Actually, if these people mentioned above were just a little bit more informed, they would have known that buying blood diamonds that are usually not certified is not a good investment by any means. Any diamond that is not accompanied by a renowned certificate will be a weak player on the market when you try to resell them.

According to the 2001 trade restrictions, no blood diamond is likely to ever be certified by the GIA in the near future. Thus, by opting for conflict free, certified diamonds, you also ensure that your money is deposited safely and that your jewelry is not losing its value.

Recently, there is a trend among the upper class people that is associated with buying eco-friendly jewelry. This means that the setting of the jewelry should preferably be made from recycled precious metals and the diamonds used are verified to be conflict free.

Naturally, it is preferable to choose conflict free diamonds when you are aware of the situation in Africa. Of course, no one will believe that your decision to purchase a gemstone weighing less than a carat will decide the fate of these African wars. However, small gestures quickly add up and you will also benefit from your decision.