Happy Customers Testimonials

Everything is SO beautiful.

The quality is incredible – the attention to detail, the gentle strength, I am absolutely blown away.

I feel like your jewelry embodies the light in which I see myself – this is definitely some of the most powerful and feminine jewelry I own.

All I can say is thank you. I love how it’s so fiddly and shimmery too.

If ever there was flirtatious jewelry, this is it.

– Julie

Your necklace arrived yesterday, and I haven’t taken it off yet. It is so lovely!
I love the teeny bit of copper on it and all of the greens and teals.

Your craftsmanship is superb, Amy. It is a beautiful necklace and I so love it.

– Suzanne

Every time I purchase something from Cypress Sun Jewelry for my beautiful wife, I know I’m getting her something that will make her smile – really big!

– Adam

My necklace came, my necklace came and I have never seen such skill and craftsmanship in a handmade piece of work… I am completely impressed! And It feels soooo good!

Lots of love and good intent have been crafted in as well. I feel lighter for the wearing of it!

– Amber

Thank you! I pinned you on pinterest.com and put it under ‘things I want’. I told my husband to get birthday ideas for me there, and guess what! He did and boy was I pleased!

– Kim

The most beautiful necklace I own! I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!

– Rebecca

This is my favorite piece of jewelry and I get compliments every time I wear it. It is beautifully made and the asymmetry is so fresh and exciting.

– Lisa

I LOVE this necklace, beautifully packaged and gorgeous design. Thank you!

– Misa

I noticed a piece Amy was wearing and asked her to please let me represent the jewelry. It struck me as having a real organic feel and spirit. It defines who I am.

– Ana

I get so many compliments when I wear this piece. I like to wear it with my t-shirts and jeans as well as with work clothes. For evening wear, it looks stunning and sophisticated!

– Mary