Wire Wrapping

I discovered wire wrapping while unwinding (and needing to quickly fix!) my grandmother’s rosary. It was a long morning in the pew, and being one that never got the hang of going to church, I was beside myself with excitement. Finally, there was something fun (and of great importance) to do!

In college I began to experiment a bit more with wrapping stones and Fimo pendants that I hope no one is currently still wearing! Like many other makers, I was quickly informed by life that I needed to take direction, so I stepped on the steady work train, and there I went. Lucky for me, I found my way back to this little love. My way of reveling in timeless, long forgotten stories.

It’s the simplicity of wire on stone or glass, accentuating what was loose and unstable, and making it one. It’s the layering. The myriad options for combination. The old world feel of oxidation.

Several jewelry artists have pointed out that I could use certain pre-made findings to achieve a similar look with my jewelry. Sure. But it would make the journey far less interesting. I love the unpredictability. The way the stone or the wire tells its own tale. The way each little creation is unique and imperfectly perfect.

One day soon I will take a class or two. Possibly learn to play with fire (solder) and make more intricate designs while still holding the sweet simplicity dear. I will always say yes to the continual growth within the realms of zen. Yes to zillions more stories, layers of love, sore little fingers and all!

So now you know my inner geek obsession with the craft. One of the things that really gets me until I get it.

Do you have one of these? Do tell…